Croatian Folklore

Tamburaški Orkestar Kardinal Stepinac

Preserving rich Croatian culture
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Hrvati" (Croatians) are one of the oldest cultural groups in Europe. Since the early centuries, as ancient Croatian tribes moved across Europe, they adopted, and adapted characteristics and traditions from many regions. The result is that Croatian culture today is uniquely distinct yet diverse. The diversity is particularly evident in the wealth and variety of Croatian folklore. From the intricacy detailed handicrafts and art, to the variety of music, song and dance, Croatian folklore has a richness that today still captivates audiences.


The most popular, and prevalent, folk dance in Croatia is kolo, a circle dance. These dances, either in the city or the village are usually accompanied with instrumental music, usually featuring the Croatian national instrument the tamburica, and singing. Over hundreds of years the kolo has symbolized the united strength and lively spirit of the Croatian people. 

The diversity of Croatian folklore is readily evident in the traditional Croatian costume or nosnje. Although there are some common characteristics in Croatian national costumes, each region, and in some cases even every district has its own original embroidery, designs and colour combinations. Multicoloured threads, intricate handwork, and unique fabrics are used to create what is not only clothing, but pieces of art. 

Croatians have continued to honour their culture by practising and preserving Croatian folklore. Lively music, melodic voices, intricate dance steps, and colourful costumes will blend harmoniously to offer the audience a visual feast. 

Reference: Festival Book, Edmonton 2004 (hosted by Domagoj Folk Group) 

Croatian Canadian Folklore Federation West

Croatian Canadian Folklore Federation WestWe are members of the Croatian Canadian Folklore Federation West which promotes, enhances and preserves Croatian folklore ensuring cultural awareness within Canadian context.

Calendar Of Events

Every Monday: Tamburica, Klapa & Kolo, 7pm, Croatian Church Hall
Every Tuesday: Tamburica Škola, 7-8pm, Croatian Centre
Next Fest: Calgary, May 20-22, 2016